Xero Shoes FeelTrue® DIY sandal kit


Minimalist AVR Score:9.4

Editor Overall Score:9.2

Review Summary

Can’t get them off my fits! When ever the terrine or social circumstances allows it Xero Shoes FeelTrue® DIY sandal kit is my number 1 choice. A really minimal diy xero sandal, for better or worse.


  • Great for most activites.
  • A real minimal Xero DIY sandal kit that let the you use your fits as you supposed to.
  • Diy Xero shoes can be adjusted to a few types of styles.
  • Xero diy sandals are very durable for long term massive using


  • Can be a bit too minimal to someone who is new to the minimalize way. Even the 6mm isn’t isolating much from the ground.
  • The Xero DIY can also be a hassle in getting it done the right way.
  • The lashes tend not to hold much time before needs to be replaced
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Specs And Scores
Use Multi use
Weight 12 oz for 6mm insole, 8 oz for 4mm insole.
Materials Vegan, no spacial eco factors.
Water Open shoe with water durability, doesn’t fit/Fit water sport.
Widths available All widths options avilable.
seasons Summer.

Minimalist AVR Score:9.4

Parameter Score Details
Wight 9.5 Very light
Wide toe box 10 Open shoe
Heel to Toe drop 10 No drop at all
Stack Height 8.5 6mm, can come with a 4mm model
Sole flexibility 9.5 Very flexible
Foot grip 8 Needs a lot of adjustment to get it right
Support 10 Open shoe with flexible sole
Cushion 9 Sole is hard but comfortable
Flat sole 10 100% flat heel to toe

Amazing score! you can get to the moon with this sandals

Other parameters Score:8.7

Parameter Score Details %
Does it do what it supposed to do? 10 Yes, a great minimalist sandal, fit most activities 50%
Overall comfort in use: 7.5 The DIY isn’t for everyone, needs to be adjusted once in a while 15%
Durability and quality of materials: 9 5000 mile sole warranty, laces might less much less but a spare 20%
Surface grip: 8 Good with no special grip 10%
Temperature isolation Not relevant Do what it needs to do as a sandal N/R


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