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Altra was founded with a desire to find a better shoe for road and trail running. Experience the difference of our FootShape and ZeroDrop design.

Anthony Alan Footwear

Specializes in reasonably priced, zero drop, relaxed fit, comfort shoes for casual dress with full-gran leather uppers and light, flexible bottoms.

Baby Paws

Focusing on pre-walker and first-walker ranges, the company is committed to the proper development of your child by producing a range of high quality babies shoes designed to give babies, boys and girls (from 0 to 24 months), a comfortable and sound base upon which their feet can enjoy the freedom to develop naturally from their first steps and beyond.


Equal parts big adventure and simple living, Bedrock Sandals® are built for the boundless. Our industry-leading designs help you go further and live freer.

Body Glove

Shop for our legendary bikinis, one-pieces, wetsuits, activewear, iSUP boards and more at Body Glove – the original California brand for surf and all things water.


Shop our zero-drop, minimalist, and stylish dress shoes. Free shipping and 365 day return policy. Recommended by Mark Sisson & Chris Kresser.

Carson Footwear

Since 2013, Carson Footwear has made minimally-designed, lightweight (9.5 oz) running shoes in the USA. Our shoes are built with a zero-drop, 10mm, polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper. We finish them off with a 5mm sockliner for ultimate comfort and added protection. All of our shoes are made to order by hand, with love, in beautiful Milwaukie, Oregon.

Earth Runners

Earth Runners grew organically out of a need for ideal footwear in an age where shoes that actually promote health are hard to come by. The Earth Runners design is in a continual evolutionary flux through crowd sourced feedback and our persistent research development & engineering team. We strive to create eco-conscious sandals that allow for excellent adhesion to the foot, while facilitating natural articulation and connection to the earth.


Cool Japanese shoes

FUGU proudly and confidently presents our line of very cool Japanese shoes. They’re so cool that they transcend national borders, cultures, race, creed, and color. We’re not saying that our shoes will bring world peace. And yet: when factory workers, office workers, CEOs, hikers and weekend warriors all wear our FUGUs, we can’t help our feeling that when our Trend meets our Comfort, it’s all good.

Begin with the recycled rubber and canvas/cotton mixture in all our shoes. Enjoy the dual-velcro scotch technology that keeps it all together on select models—it won’t crimp your ankles or cramp your style. Choose from a variety of colors and styles for any occasion. And know that our FUGUs are protective, sturdy, and vegan-friendly.

Yes, Trend has finally met Comfort and blended into the perfect line of finer footwear.

FUGU. We’ve got you covered.


Feelmax® footwear are the only real barefoot shoes on the market. They fit like a thin and flexible sock. These minimalist shoes are so light and comfortable that you hardly notice them.


Shop the official for exclusive styles and new arrivals in sportswear, tennis gear, sneakers and more. Free shipping on orders over $100. Shop now!

Fit In Clouds

Fit In Clouds are portable ballet flats that fold and fit into a small matching pouch. These portable ballet flats fit in your purse, and provide instant relief to your tired feet!


We make 2 styles of shoes, 4+1 ‘split-toe’ and 5in1 ‘toes together’. Our 4+1 split toe shoes have a separate pocket for the big toe which gives a little more ‘glove-like’ feel, whilst our 5in1 shoes have all toes together, like traditional shoes. Both styles will achieve the same ‘barefoot-like’ result and tend to be worn interchangeably. Largely it’s a matter of personal preference!


The idea for GladSoles came to Richard Gladstone, as he was attempting to find a shoe that fit his minimalist-running style best. Rich had searched high and low, at the furthest reaches of the internet to find the perfect barefoot shoe. The shoes he tried all offered generally the same thing, but none of them were minimalist enough to provide the truly barefoot experience Rich was looking for.

Gost Barefoot

We only build REAL barefoot shoes. No other barefoot protection can do what they can. They are all about reconnecting with nature, moving naturally without compromises and harnessing ancestral skills. Specially designed to enable natural movement and enrich sensory experience across all terrains. Using a flexible, unique sole and spacious toe box, our shoes protect and let your feet move naturally, from season to season.


Happy Little Soles

Happy Little Soles is a family business committed to the importance of the right footwear to allow children’s feet to develop naturally. It is run by enthusiastic barefooter Kate Harrington, with a mission to promote and make barefoot shoes available more widely.


On the surface, Injinji is a California-based toesock company dedicated to the health and performance of feet. But deep down we are so much more. We are innovators, we are adventurers, we are lovers of all things active—most importantly, we are passionate about making the journey of life more comfortable.

Our patented, five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. Wherever you go, there’s a toesock to help you along the way.


Get a grip with inov-8. Shop online for men’s & women’s trail running shoes. Designed for ultimate grip for trail running, road running and training.

Joe Nimble

We have fought for every millimeter, inspected every stitch, and used the finest materials on the planet in order to give you a fundamentally better shoe.

Kigo Footwear

kigo creates footwear and products for an active lifestyle and everyday casual comfort.


The leguano minimalist shoes allow you to regain the barefoot feeling, protecting you from the hurts, thanks to an extremely flexible outsole perfectly matching your foot.

These barefoot shoes slip on as easily as socks and give your feet back freedom of movement.


Our philosophy is simple – less is more. Instead of spending time trying to develop the next footwear fad, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable shoes that consider the health of the human foot above all else.


Luna Sandals

Official LUNA Site – Outdoor adventure, hiking and barefoot running sandals. Browse trail & water sandals, minimalist sandals. Made in Seattle. Free shipping!


The greatest power and strength can be achieved by working your body from the ground up. The 44+ muscles in your feet lay the foundation for your entire body. Luongo Footwear is designed to allow your body to utilize these muscles during every workout.


Muk Luks boots, shoes, slippers and accessories are shaped by what’s happening in everyday by traditional knits, vintage fashions and the latest trends.

Magical Shoes

Human feet constitute a biomechanical piece of art. They handle every type of movement: from walking and running, to dancing and jumping. Nature has designed our feet so that they adjust to any type of surface.
That is why our footwear was designed in such a manner as to allow the healthiest and most natural manner of moving in shoes (barefoot running).


At Manitobah, we use high-quality materials and talented artisans to create the best mukluks and moccasins in the world. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce Manitobah footwear and we take great pride in the comfort, function and beauty we create.

We also take pride in being Canadian, which is why we continue to produce 20 per cent of our footwear at our Indigenous-owned production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Anatomical shape provides natural comfort. Adaptive materials and minimalist construction. Zero drop from heel to toe for a natural stride.


Since 1946, Minnetonka has been a staple of American style for men, women & kids. Shop our classic moccasins, boots, sandals, and more shoe styles today!


MYMAYU was created out of necessity: a little boy without proper boots wanted to follow his big brother in the rain. Too many puddle jumping sessions had been cut short by face-plants in the water because of bulky, clunky rubber boots that were too big, too heavy and made him trip. There had to be a better boot.

New Balance

Our men’s minimalist running shoes are designed to keep you moving. High-traction outsoles and a supportive yet natural feel make these minimalist shoes for men by New Balance just right for logging miles.


Experience sports, training, shopping and everything else that’s new at Nike from any country in the world.

Otz Shoes

OTZ Shoes was established in 2009 to offer modern, functional, and environmentally responsible shoes for every person on their day-to-day journey through life.

Our early designs were inspired by the craftsmanship and mysterious journey of the oldest pair of shoes ever found. These 5,000 year old shoes were discovered on the mummified remains of a prehistoric man called “Ötzi, the Iceman” .

Ötzi the Iceman, carbon dated to 3300 B.C., was found wearing and carrying only the bare essentials for survival: a copper axe & projectile weaponry for protection, furs/animal skins for warmth, and most importantly to protect his feet on his journey: a pair of shoes made of bearskin, deer hide, grass and tree bark.

OTZ shoe company remasters these basic essentials from the past with a fresh and relevant approach each season. Today we use the best quality leathers, canvas, cork, and rubber to produce high quality shoes for the adventures in life.

Check Prices


Minimalist handmade running sandals. Lightweight and comfortable, ideal for running, walking or anywhere you just can’t go barefoot.

Pantas Sandals

At Panta Sandals we are passionate about minimalist footwear in general and running sandals in particular. We have created a line-up of sandals that we want for ourselves and for our European running friends. We used the best materials, the most modern techniques and most efficient processes. We are inspired by global running sandal culture.


Because of the passion for creating the best footwear on the market today,QANSI reflects a lifestyle that is suitable for a wide range of consumers. QANSI provide a new sense of freedom, originality and wardrobe creativity. QANSI all designs still be inspired by travel, art and the people closest to their integration, the combination of clothing shoes and sports-style shoes together to continue in today’s highly competitive footwear market to provide the most original fashion cutting-edge series.

QANSI cares deeply about providing all consumers with comfort, fit and style that will stand up to countless daily activities. That’s why the brand continues to develop footwear that provides stability and support. The company’s innovative designs are engineered with top-quality, tested materials and then extra-cushioning insoles are added to enhance comfort and feel. The uppers are carefully constructed to fit, perform and look great, and the overall result is well-thought-out footwear that contributes to happy, healthy feet.


Ever since 1994, when Canadian Mom, Sandra Wilson, downsized from her airline job, handcrafted a pair of brightly colored soft soled leather shoes for her son Robert, parents have loved the easy on, stay on functionality and the fun, innovative designs of our shoes.

Now owned and produced by McCubbin Hosiery, LLC, a 60 year industry veteran, Robeez sets the trends for children’s footwear, socks and apparel as we create products that parents and babies love.



Socks are not enough and shoes are too much? The compact size and unique “second skin” feeling make Skinners perfect footwear for sports (short runs, workout, yoga, watersports) and they work equally well as backup shoes (traveling, camping, hiking).

SOM Footwear

SOMs are barefoot inspired sneakers crafted in Colorado with lightweight yet durable materials. Our shoes feature a wide toe box and a flat, flexible sole. The natural footshape encourages you to rediscover your original sense of motion as your toes have plenty of space to spread out and be free. SOMs will quickly become your go-to shoes that bring your feet back to a natural comfort, with your body following. One of the reasons so many of our customers buy again. Plus, they are made in the USA.


Shammas aren’t like the flip-flops in the back of your car, and they’re not like the rest of your running shoes, either.

They’re built for performance – to do everything that a shoe does, but without cramming your toes into an unnatural box, and without forming your feet into unnatural shapes.

You can do anything in Shammas, while also having the comfort and freedom of being in sandals.


Innovative and hassle-fee, Skidders unique footwear products are simply amazing!

Skidders Footwear Inc.’s line of innovative products has grown immensely since opening their doors for business back in mid 2008. With safety at the core of Skidders unique line of gripper footwear products, the brand is crafted to fit a family’s active lifestyle with a range of socks and shoes that are comfortable, versatile, stylish and safe. What started out a few years ago as a small collection of toddler shoes, Skidders now has 18 collections and over 550 styles.


At SKORA, we strive for the sweet spot between minimalist design and neutral-cushioning, we blend performance, style and comfort to help restore movement to its most natural form: yours.



Minimal leather shoes for adults, kids and infants, including moccasins, casual styles, athleticfootwear and barefoot running shoes. Handmade in USA.

Sole Runners

Sol Runners was co-founded by Melissa Fisher and Cecil Johnson on New Years day 2011. Melissa got the idea we should get some people together to do a run on New Years Day. We sent messages to everyone we could. To our surprise we had about 15 people that first day. After the run someone asked us “will you do this again next month?” We looked at each other and said “Yes!” Sol Runners was born. Our goal is to encourage people to get up and move. So whether you are a hardcore runner or social walker you are invited to join us for our monthly runs. Get up and move.

Splay Athletics

Splay Athletics is on a mission to revolutionize the footwear industry by making shoes that respect the natural shape and function of the foot—all at an affordable price.


We are what you call 9-to-5ers. We work hard in the office 5 days a week, although, we’re not your typical cubical monkeys.

We understand the need for balance between mind (work) and body (fitness).

We know it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy body if you don’t have healthy feet.

We have witnessed the major rise in minimalist footwear sales over the past few years and we understand the underlying concepts of minimalist/barefoot running and walking. We agree with these concepts and have adopted them into our runs and our lives.

We noticed that the shoes we wear for 8 HOURS A DAY in the office were causing more pain and discomfort than our traditional running/workout shoes.

We designed, developed, and manufactured dress and business casual shoes that embody all the underlying principles of minimalist/barefoot athletic shoes for people like us to wear to work every day.

We invite you to step in TUNE with our new TUNEfootwear!


We follow a strict definition of minimalist shoes based on scientific research: “Footwear providing minimal interference with the natural movement of the foot due to its high flexibility, low heel-to-toe drop, low weight and stack height, and the absence of motion control and stability devices”. Thanks to the cooperation of scientists and traditional craftsmen we produced Tadeevo shoes which display all those unique properties.

The Drifter Leather


“We decided to work on a kind of an old-fashioned project: to hand-craft shoes that are comfortable and sustainably made with custom measurements, respecting individuality, the nature of the human body and the value of materials that are constantly thrown away due to mass production.”


Troadlop has grown from a sports-specific shoes line to a worldwide brand. Troadlop manufactures various types of shoes to meet customers’ needs: technologically advanced designs and materials to improve the comfort and performance. We pay high attention to premium quality and services, also focus on Health and Excellence.


Our mission at Unshoes is simple. Each day we are bombarded with subtle messages that imply that we are not good enough. There is a never ending supply of products that are promoted as a way to out perform your natural ability. Many people have begun to assume that they were born broken. Our message is the opposite. We as humans are functional, from the ground, up. Our feet are the very foundation of our body! Our goal is to empower people in body and mind starting with their feet by creating footwear that enables them to move naturally.



Vibram S.p.A. is an Italian company based in Albizzate that both manufactures and licenses the production of Vibram branded rubber outsoles for footwear. The company is named after its founder, Vitale Bramani, who is credited with inventing the first rubber lug.


Vivobarefoot is a minimalist running shoe company. Their technology, invented by Tim Brennan and developed by British shoe company Terra Plana, is aimed at offering the optimum biomechanics and posture commonly associated with walking barefoot and barefoot running and advocated within the barefoot movement and barefoot running community.[1][full citation needed] It has been described as “as close to going barefoot in the city as you can get.”[2] The most prominent shoe using this technology is their Evo running shoe.





We want to play our part in bringing kids into more direct contact with their environment again, and in offering them incentives for a more active lifestyle. Wildling’s thin, flexible sole turns every step into a sensory experience. Unlike conventional kids’ and sports’ shoes, the minimal shoe concept allows for natural motion and restores kids’ joy in movement.


Sustainable Footwear: Handmade from Eco-friendly Lambswool/Cashmere Sweaters & Suede Leather Jackets. Unique & simply styled in a variety of colors!

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes are a type and brand of lightweight minimalist footwear manufactured by Feel the World Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.[1] Designed for walking , running and athletics , the footwear has thin and flexible soles that are contoured to the shape of the human foot.


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