About Happy Barefoot

Happy Barefoot aims to be a reliable source of data for minimal shoes and for the barefoot lifestyle. We believe this is how we were meant to move on the earth, barefoot.

It seems that shoe manufacturers are intervening with natural human movement too much, up to a point where it is harmful and unhealthy.

Shoes are here to help us mitigate barefoot movement in places it is culturally or physically not possible to, that is with minimal shoes.

How to choose a minimalist or barefoot shoe can be tricky despite them supposed to having fewer features to examine. There are a lot of brands to choose from and there are a lot of factors, such as foot shape, materials type, and quality, soles thickness, terrain, etc. No one wants to purchase a pair of minimalist or barefoot shoes only to return them a few weeks after because they just don’t do it.

That’s precisely why Happy Barefoot was created. Our mission is clear and simple: we want to help you find the best barefoot or minimalist shoe for your needs through testing and research.

We search the web for real reviews, seek out experts who have tried the shoes themselves, and we spend hundreds of hours examining and evaluating published medical and scientific studies that support the barefoot movement.

How We Do It

      • Present science and evidence-backed barefoot shoe advantages and disadvantages through well-researched articles.
      • Feature experts who own and have thoroughly tested their barefoot/minimalist shoes.
      • Compare prices of minimalist/barefoot shoes on multiple shops and platforms.
      • Highlight brands that have a real minimalist/barefoot footwear standard.

Price Comparison

Our price comparison page helps you find the best deals for barefoot/minimalist shoes. Included are the brand’s official website and other reliable websites that you can safely purchase from.

Check out our Minimal Shoes Price Comparison Page.

Brands Directory

The brands that make this list are the ones that are offering truly minimalist or barefoot footwear. We are constantly searching the web and updating this list to make the process of choosing a minimalist or barefoot shoe more efficient

Check out our Minimal Shoe Brand Directory.

Barefoot Shoe Evaluation

AVR stands for average. We have gathered all relevant parameters and summarized them into one scoring system to help you gauge how minimal a shoe really is. Our reviews will be scoring each parameter then calculating the average.

Read our Minimalist AVR Score Page.

How We Sustain This Project

Happy Barefoot is ad-free and reader-supported. We want our readers to have the best experience on the site while looking for the best barefoot shoe. We only make earnings when you purchase shoes through our affiliate links. 

Maintaining a website has many costs. Through our affiliate links, you’ll be able to support our work, and our review and guide-making. Thank you for your support!

Learn more about our Terms and Conditions here.

Barefoot Community

If you are part of the barefoot community and you appreciate what we are doing, please share Happy Barefoot with your friends and family who are interested in the lifestyle or are into approaching life with no shoes on.

Do check out our reviews, articles, as well as the barefoot/minimal shoes listed on the website. If we are not pulling through with our goals, you’re more than welcome to let us know by contacting us. We would love to hear feedback from you so we can also improve our service.