The importance of Magnesium in an active lifestyle

Humans have a multifarious body mechanism that needs an assortment of elements to perform their activities. In every single moment, hundreds to thousands of...
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Minimal shoes historical trend analysis with Google trends

If you practice sport, especially running, you probably encountered barefoot alike shoes like Vivobarefoot, Vibram FiveFingers or XeroShoes. It seems these days, that natural...

3 Best minimal vegan shoes for running – 2019

Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, hitting the gym, or toeing a slackline, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of...
Shoes finder wizard

Shoe finder wizard

Checkout this cool wizard! Just tell him what kind of Shoe/ Sandal you are looking for, and get a list of models, prices and where...

Barefoot Shoes Benefits: Are they worth it?

Walking barefoot is the most natural way to make our feet stronger. The problem is we can't go barefoot round the clock. We can move barefoot at home all the time but we won't be able to do this in our workplaces. It's possible, however, for us to settle for the next best thing - wearing barefoot shoes.
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Minimalist shoes for kids, should you consider it?

Has your baby started toddling? Well, you really need to select shoes for the toddler. When doing so, you should be aware of this...

Does Walking Barefoot Make Your Feet Stronger?

Some of you probably walk barefoot around at home. But did you know people walk and run barefoot outdoors as well? It may have...

Shoe Review: Wildling Tanuki Yoru – Styled Light Minimal Shoes

Vivobarefoot MAGNA FOREST ESC - Extreme Terrains Explorers - Hiking Boots detailed editor review.

How to Avoid Injuries When Transitioning to Minimal Shoes

It's not advisable to switch from conventional to minimal shoes abruptly because it can cause injuries. Educate yourself on how to transition safely.